Company Profile

Joint venture companies between Hello Global and PT Triyakom.

  • Develop by Triyakom (Technical, Network Connection & SMS System) & Hello G (Market Research Expertise, Japanese Clients Research Operation).
  • The only one SMS Based Market Research Survey in Indonesia.
What is JDS?
  • JDS (Japan Digital Survey) is a research services which utilizes SMS on handphones.
  • Original system development.
  • Own correspondents database with Profile data (about 80,000, as of March 2013).
  • Agreement with local operator, and officially recognized as "research services", and not as "mass mail advertisement".
Why JDS?
    SMS Based & Interactive.
  • WIDE
    We Provide database from Low Class, Middle Class until High Class.
    Our Database came from all regions in Indonesia.
    Existing DB Panel to save Recruitment.
    SMS Based Research -> save cost
Sample of Project Report

Household appliances you have


What is your hobby?